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Gibbs Farm



If you want to work with structural engineers with the necessary scale and expertise to assist on both large-scale and innovative projects, we can help.

We partner with architects, project managers, contractors and building owners to make their projects a success.

If you’re looking for a belt-and-braces approach then that’s not us.

But if you want structural engineering input to make your design work, then it most definitely is.


Our clients tell us we ‘think laterally’, ‘make their jobs easier by meeting deadlines and working collaboratively with the wider team’ and ‘come up with answers that will stand the test of time'.

Located in Auckland and Tauranga, and with expert, led by 3 experienced directors, we have the scale to handle even the largest, most complex projects.

We only offer structural engineering services – from structural design and drafting (using BIM modelling software, Revit) through to onsite support – because this is what we excel at and this is the area in which we can add real value to your projects.

If you choose to work with us you can trust us to:

  • Be fully committed to your project and programme timings

  • Deliver reliable, and often innovative, structural design solutions that work both aesthetically and functionally and that will often save you substantial construction costs

  • Work well as part of the wider team and play our part in finding ways to complete your project as quickly and cost-effectively as possible without compromising quality or integrity

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