Selwyn Foundation appointed us as their structural partner on several multi-storey apartment buildings at their Selwyn Heights, Selwyn Village and Selwyn St Andrews locations. One of the early developments was Gilberd Apartments at Selwyn Heights, which is a five-storey building comprising a car park in the basement and common areas at ground level.

The structural design features precast concrete walls and floors, with structural steelwork for central frame lines and the roof. The precast façade forms the gravity and lateral load support structure, which has proven efficient from both a construction and seismic resistance perspective.The design also made allowance for a future development, which has since been completed.

Benefits of having us on the team:
  • Projects were up and running quickly as a result of our prior experience – we knew what the client wanted, how the contractor worked and were able to customise our designs accordingly.

  • Kept projects within tight budgets as a result of creating efficiencies through our prior work.