When we were approached by the organisers of Sculpture in the Gardens to provide structural engineering support to artists exhibiting at this three-month long celebration of sculpture at Auckland’s Botanic Gardens, we knew we had to help. 

This pro-bono project saw us designing the sculptures and undertaking construction monitoring for five artists exhibiting at the 2019-2020 event, namely: 

  • Sasha Reid – Composition 10 

  • Gina Ferguson – If I should walk on water 

  • Oriah Rapley – The Guardians 

  • Aaron Frater – The Safety Gardner 

  • James Wright – Hand in the Dirt 

Benefits of having us on the team:
  • We helped bring each artist’s vision to life, advising them about suitable materials and how to build their sculpture. 


  • We designed each piece so that it was strong enough to support someone’s weight. 

  • Each sculpture is unique, so there are no precedents. We successfully engineered these using innovative engineering thinking and our considerable experience of engineering sculptures for the likes of Gibbs Farm. 

  • We offered our services pro-bono, as part of our support of the arts in New Zealand.