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Elegant Apartment Building with a Structural Solution that Maximises Views, Number of Storeys, and enabled Open Plan Layouts

We were engaged to deliver the full structural design and review construction of this new eight-storey high-end residential apartment building located on a steeply sloping site with six storeys of apartments over two storeys of basement carparking.

The building is built into a steep slope, the maximum slope retaining is 4 storeys tall, and the foundations are anchored below the water table.

At ground level the footprint pulls in from the edge of the level above, giving the impression that the top of the building is floating. To achieved this, a cantilevering post-tensioned (PT) transfer slab has been designed to support the levels above.

The soffit of the transfer slab is exposed to view, incorporating a textured finish from rough sawn timber formwork.

Concrete shearwalls have been kept to the core of the building, enabling the views to be maximized and allowing an open plan apartment layout.

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