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Award Winning with Significant Structural Innovations

We were structural engineers on the $8m school pool building – featuring a main pool, junior pool and two-storey sports complex.

​This project involved some significant New Zealand ‘firsts’. The centre has the first variable-depth pool – a European innovation in which the pool floor can be raised or lowered to suit the activity. It’s also the first use of post-tensioned timber roof beams to address a demanding 26 metre span.

​In humid and corrosive environments even stainless steel trusses lack the required longevity. Concrete beams would mean weight issues and an ‘industrial feel’ – rather than the warmth and ambience sought. Our extensive experience in post-tensioned concrete beams translated well to the design and construction of innovative timber beams. The resultant beams surpassed even timber glulam construction in strength and weight characteristics.

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