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Metlifecare is one of New Zealand’s largest providers of retirement villages and aged care services with a network of retirement villages across the country, each catering for the unique demographics of its local community.

They have engaged us on a number of projects over the past ten years, with The Poynton, Takapuna being the most significant.

We carried out the developed design of this project and were novated to Hadyn and Rollett, the contractors, to complete detailed design and construction monitoring.

Benefits of having us on the team:
  • Streamlined design process resulted in time efficiencies during construction – saving approximately 6 months’ construction time over several stages of building. This was a result of our working closely with the architectural team to develop a modular panel system, which took full advantage of the layout of the buildings throughout the village.

  • Deadlines met as a result of us working closely with the contractor. By responding to their queries quickly and presenting effective and cost-efficient solutions we were able to ensure momentum was not lost when issues arose on-site.

  • Designs quickly adapted to meet the changes in the field of structural engineering put in place following the Canterbury  earthquakes. The construction phase of this project was in progress when the earthquakes hit. By quickly adapting to the changes and working closely with the design team we were able to minimise the effects of these on the original arrangements of the buildings.

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