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Gibbs Farm is a privately owned property located on the Kaipara Harbour, North West of Auckland. It features more than 400 hectares of mixed forestry plantations, lakes and open grass pasture providing numerous and varied sites for sculpture.

The initial development of The Farm as a sculpture park evolved as a result of owner, Alan Gibbs’ enthusiasm for contemporary art. Since 1996, Alan and his team have commissioned suitable international artists to design work specifically for The Farm. The Wall Street Journal has rated it amongst the best sculpture parks in the world.

Our role is to work with the artist to see if what they want is possible and how best to achieve it. We put the construction budget together and review the artist’s scheme with them, do the detailed engineering and engineering drawings, organise the construction and erection contract and manage the budget.

Benefits of having us on the team:
  • We remove the hassle. Alan and Noel tell us what they want done and we do it. They see us as part of the family.

  • Because we’ve been involved in The Farm for so long we have a good understanding of what’s needed, what looks good and what works. We can help the artist through a process with which they’re unfamiliar and which is often bigger than anything they’ve ever done before, and perform the role of middle-man between the artist and the builder.

  • We’ve managed the creation and installation of over 20 sculptures and all the artists, without exception, have been delighted with the finished work.

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