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This development in Avondale features six 6 to 8-storey blocks. Two of the blocks have a basement level to accommodate parking. The development is owned by Kainga Ora, with four blocks earmarked for social housing and two for private purchase.

During concept design stage we worked through two different structural options, a conventional concrete system, and a mass timber structure, and provided Kainga Ora with information comparing the costs and benefits of each of them so they could decide what better suited the project.

The client decided that the mass timber superstructure, cross laminated timber (CLT) walls and floors, was the preferred solution as it meets the design brief expectations, specially focused on innovative and sustainable quality buildings for the community.

We are proud of having the chance to work with KO and the wider design team on this project, we believe that the sustainable and innovative approach is an excellent example of what the construction industry should be targeting in the near future.

This development features affordable, furnished studio accommodation in Henderson, Auckland. 72 studio apartments are located over three 3-storey blocks. We were engaged as the structural
engineer on this important project, which is designed to increase Auckland’s housing stock efficiently and quickly.

Benefits of having us on the team:
  • Our client is focused on low carbon footprint construction and is targeting a new 7 Homestar rating for this development. The timber structure is one of the few elements across the project that provides credits points towards this.


  • This will be one of the first CLT tall-builds in New Zealand and it will be used as a pilot for future projects. Our early involvement in mass timber multi-storey structures is of huge benefit to this project We have provided a simple structural system that can be used across buildings.


  • We have worked collaboratively with Warren & Mahoney and the wider design team, participating in early discussions to elicit the best of everyone’s ideas. Our drive is that none of us is as good as all of us working together.

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