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Senior structural draftsman, with more than 10 years’ experience working in a structural design consultancy office, plus 18 years in the process engineering sector.

I began my career working with ink and paper on a drawing board and, having a natural interest in technological development, readily progressed into computer aided design draughting with AutoCAD. As technology improved, I moved to working in a 3D modelling environment with AutoCAD Architecture migrating to Revit full-time in 2012. 


The experience gained from working in a traditional structural drawing office together with using the latest 3D modelling tools enables me to deliver quality structural detailed drawings while gaining all the benefits that come from using the latest that technology has to offer.


I’ve worked on architecturally designed buildings of various kinds as the lead draftsman including; 


  • Apartments on Jervois Road, Herne Bay


  • A new science block for Glendowie College

  • Various high end residential houses


  • Tall Tree and the Eye Sculpture, for Anish Kapoor studio in London


  • Multi-storey apartment block in Pollen Street, Ponsonby


  • Sir John Guise stadium, Papua New Guinea


  • St Andrews retirement village, Cambridge


  • Elizabeth Knox home and care centre, Epsom, Auckland


  • Retail developments such as McDonald restaurants and the Stoddard Rd shopping centre in Mt Roskill, Auckland


  • Te Wharekura O Mauoa, Bethlehem, Tauranga, new school development

A good example of a project on which I added value was a luxury house project on Clifton Road in Auckland. Because it was a complex structure involving multiple types of structural components to facilitate many different architectural features, the project required a high level of technical detail. We adopted a genuine BIM approach, collaborating closely with the architects enabling them to incorporate the true detail of the structural components into their design thereby providing a more accurate visualisation for the owner of the final product and a more streamlined set of details for the contractor without conflicts between the structural and architectural designs.


If you choose to work with me you can expect me to focus on building a good working relationship and adding value wherever possible.

  • Qualifications; NZCE(Civil)​

Chris Orr
Vikram Yadav.jpg



Senior structural draftsman, with more than 18 years’ experience in New Zealand, the UK, USA and India. I have a solid background in structural drafting and BIM (including 3D Revit) modelling.

My role is to produce accurate 3D models of the proposed structure to identify any clashes with the architect’s and others’ models early on. This helps to inform the structural design and eliminates problems occurring at the construction phase. I then produce accurate drawings to document the design.


Before I moved to New Zealand, I managed the drafting team on multiple projects ranging from roads, bridges and rail to multiple building types including residential, commercial, community and sports.


If you work with me you can be confident that I will coordinate our models with those of the architect and service providers to resolve issues early. My deep knowledge of BIM software including Revit and Civil 3D enables me to create efficiencies in modelling that save both time and cost. You can expect excellent drawings that contain all the info you need and are cross-referenced to other disciplines.

Work highlights have included:
  • Pohutakawa Landing, a new retirement village for Metlifecare in Beachlands. We were engaged to design the structures for a two-storey amenities block, 3 three-storey apartment blocks and a two-storey high care facility. I was involved from the developed design to the construction stage. As senior structural draftsperson, I was responsible for all structural drawings and structural models, as well as coordinating with other services, resolving BIM360 issues and more. I also inspected the site foundations.


  • University of Auckland, Faculty of Engineering, Building 405. I was involved in this project at the detailed design stage. My role was to draw and detail the project’s steel & concrete elements and model (in Revit) the exterior of the building.


  • Churton St, Luxury apartments. As the BIM Project coordinator, I delivered the project’s IFC drawings. I used Revizto to coordinate in real time the services with other consultants.


  • Royal Auckland and Grange Golf Club (RAGGC). This was a new building for the recently merged RAGGC. As senior draftsperson on the project, I produced all the IFC drawings from Revit and completed site visits with the Project Engineer.


  • Waiparuru Student accommodation (University of Auckland), an award-winning building. I worked on the enabling works for the project including all the piling, site coordination, and coordination with the building team. I delivered IFC drawings and attended site inspections with the engineer.

  • City Rail Link Enabling Works. I worked on two different parts of this project. Firstly, the noise enclosure building, a large steel structure that sits over a big shaft from which excavated dirt and rubble is removed. Secondly, I was involved in the enabling works for Aotea, Karangahape and Mt Eden Stations. I delivered all projects in Revit (IFC).


  • New Car Showroom for Mercedes Benz, Takapuna.The project was delivered in Revit. I coordinated structural models with those of the services consultants and the architect to detect and resolve clashes at the early design stage.


  • Diploma in Civil Engineering, University of Delhi, 1999

  • Graduate BA, University of Delhi, 2002 (part-time)

Vikram Yadav


Structural draughtsman with 18 years’ experience detailing and modelling a wide variety of structures including civic, educational, single- and multi-storey residential, commercial, retail, industrial, aged care facilities and car park buildings.

I like to understand how the various components of a structure come together and relate to one another and then to communicate this through user-friendly, interactive detailing and modelling.


My practical approach and focus on the detail mean clashes are identified early in the design process and are resolved prior to construction. I also provide pre-fabricators and contractors with basic sketches of the principal idea for their input so that we, collaboratively, detail robust and buildable joints and connections.


You can expect honesty, clear communication and a set of drawings that will help both the fabrication process and the builder onsite.

Work highlights have included:
  • Eichardts Marine Parade, Queenstown. This three-storey commercial building sits alongside the historic hotel. Height restrictions and a highly-specified architectural design meant there were a number of tricky structural issues and connections to detail and model.


  • Christchurch Boys High School Assembly Hall. This large space features seating for over 1,350 people over two levels with a large main stage area, control rooms and stage lighting facilities. I modelled and detailed the steel portal frame structure to the main hall area including the mezzanine floor level which wraps around the main stage. This was complex because it required detailing a structural solution to minimise vibration within a tight timeframe.


  • Invercargill Central. This new five-storey structure features retail and four levels of carparking. The concrete moment resisting frames comprised precast cruciform columns and beams with in-situ joints and a lot of reinforcing that needed to be modelled and detailed to assist with coordination. I identified a number of reinforcing clashes at the early design stage and collaboratively worked through these to ensure a smooth build.


  • CIAL Freightways Freight Forwarding Facility. This comprises 11,000m² of warehouse space and 2,000m² of two-storey office space. Planes can pull up outside to unload cargo and trucks enter from the other side to collect freight. The warehouse houses an automated freight forwarding machine. The structure consists of large span steel portal frames, lightweight cladding, and a post-tensioned ground floor slab. Through early design input, the overall building layout and structural grids were optimised resulting in efficient use of standard stock steel lengths, facilitating rapid construction on-site.


  • Advanced Diploma in Engineering Technology

Mustafa Ibrahim


Experienced Structural draughtsperson with a wealth of experience modelling and draughting designs for airports, hospitals, residential and commercial structures in New Zealand, United Arab Emirates and India. I have experience using a wide variety of draughting software including Revit and AutoCAD. 

I love 3D modelling and draughting because I see it as a story telling process. The drawings tell the story in sequence, making it easy for the contractor to understand what’s required. There’s also a lot of reasoning involved when putting drawings in a logical sequence. This process helps to identify potential clashes at an early stage, while they are still cheap to fix. 


Clients can expect a good set of well-detailed drawings that are cross-referenced correctly. I try to work smartly by initially putting a thought process and avoid rework, if drawings get changed. 


I pride myself on being a clear communicator, making sure I clarify things that aren’t clear and that I understand the scope of works I’m working within. 


I really enjoy seeing good projects, on which I’ve worked, come to life. These include Dubai airport, Auckland Airport, Tauranga Quay Hospital, the Christchurch Cathedral rebuild and a heritage building in Wellington that needed to be completely restrengthened. 

Project highlights include: 
  • Draughting and detailing the Pacific Lakes Pavilion, a stunning building at the Pacific Lakes Retirement Village in Tauranga. These well-presented drawings make it easy for the contractor when building the structure. 


  • Complete 3D modelling package with detailing for a high-end residential lot at Jack’s Point near Queenstown. Careful design and detailing ensure details aren’t duplicated and that the design can be easily adapted for other lots in the same development.

  • Modelling multiple buildings for the Summerset retirement village in Parnell. This involved working within the Summerset structure, making sure our processes are aligned, and completing the modelling to a tight deadline. 

Tasneem Hamid


Highly experienced structural draughts person with over 20 years’ experience in the design and drafting of educational, correctional, medical facilities as well as industrial, commercial to multi-storey retail and residential, buildings. Having a strong track record in BIM management and REVIT, having led the development of REVIT as a drafting tool and trained others in its use on a global scale.  

I enjoy communicating how a structure is constructed by effective use of modelling and detailing, clash detection between disciplines and solutions to best handle any issues. 


Early in my career I gained ‘on site’ experience, and with this practical knowledge I am able to effectively work through the constructability and consideration to transportation of building components. 


You can expect me to deliver what you want and, if that’s not possible, to find alternative solutions within your budget. I will discuss different approaches early with you so that you can consider which are best suited to you. 


I am flexible, honest and have integrity, work well individually and great in a team environment. 

Project highlights include: 
  • New correctional facility based in Wiri NZ. Lead draughtsperson. This comprised of several individual buildings including housing (veering security levels), education and administration units. This project was a huge learning curve for me as I, along with the whole project team, had to consider security at a whole new level and thoroughly consider every single aspect of the design from a new perspective. 


  • Airport terminal extension, Wellington NZ. Lead draughtsperson. A fun and interesting project. Replicating the existing structure as well as making it a seamless extension and hide additional strengthening as per updated codes. Revit was a great tool for all aspects of the project. 


  • Pulverized Coal Conversion, Sorowako, Indonesia. Lead draughtsperson. Site measure and survey to ensure multiple conveyor bents rising up to a 70m gravity feed pulverizer would thread between existing structures. Where as most of the structural framing delivered in 40-foot containers from manufacturing in Singapore. Extensive use of point clouds and Revit assisted in design and constructability. 


  • Northern Busway Stations, Auckland, NZ. Lead draughtsperson. Another enjoyable project where all buildings, motorway-crossing bridges and foot traffic access are all so highly visible. 


  • Police Communications Platform, Auckland, NZ. Lead draughtsperson. Difficult site at around 65m on top of an operating police station with an extremely narrow window for removal and installation of new communications platform. Hand survey and creating templates to assist manufacturing to very tight tolerances. 

Richard Patterson
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