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We have been involved in several projects at Auckland Grammar. Of particular note is the Gymnasium and Pavilion.

The brief for this gymnasium project called for 36 m clear spans for the roof of this single storey structure.  This would allow the building to house 3 basketball courts.  We achieved this via a two-way steel truss structure supported on cantilevering precast concrete fin columns.

In order to save time and avoid the risk of working at height we worked with the contractor to pre-fabricate the entire roof structure on the ground.  It was then lifted as one element.

Benefits of having us on the team:
  • By pre-fabricating the entire roof structure we shortened the programme by more than a month and helped the contractor to deliver their fixed price contract.

We subsequently completed a $5.5M, 4 storey classroom block with an interlinking suspension bridge to the old school building.

  • We designed a number of structural columns to support the suspension bridge, which helped to preserve the historic nature of the old school building.

  • This project required sensible structural decisions to enable the building to be completed with budget as  there was a high level of architecture involved.  We were able to save the school money through a smart construction methodology and sequencing which sped up the process ensuring the project was complete in time for the start of term 1.

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