A reputation for innovation and delivering first-class structural engineering solutions. Over the past 40+ years I’ve worked on projects in New Zealand, Australia, Nepal and around the pacific, including Fiji, PNG and Samoa.

My focus is on working with others in the design team to get a really good solution to each project on which I’m engaged. Where appropriate, that means pushing the boundaries by thinking about things in a new way. It also means designing buildable solutions - important because it can be incredibly costly if extensive redesign is required once construction is underway. Keeping abreast of new technology and ideas allows me, and my team, to stay ahead.


My in-depth experience, as a result of my 40+ years as a structural engineer, means I’ve come across many of the problems facing my clients today and, more importantly, many great solutions. This means you get the benefit of my ability to take what’s been done before and to either build on it or to come up with something even better.


My key skills include problem solving, conceptual engineering and construction engineering. My approach to working with my clients and partners is collaborative. I listen well, respond and contribute to project teams - I’m not a silent partner. My approach to working with my team at Structure Design is to give them goals and to let them find their own way there, while at the same time supporting and pushing them.

Key projects on which I’ve been involved include:
  • Te Papa. I worked with a great team and, at the time, the engineering on this building was sharp. It remains a good building today.

  • A number of buildings for the University of Auckland as part of its rebuild.

  • Two projects in Papua New Guinea - the Taurama Aquatics Centre and the Rita Flyn Netball Centre, which will be completed in time for the 2015 Pacific Games. Our strong team won these projects over international stadium experts.

I set up Structure Design in 1998 after spending over 20 years at Holmes Consulting Group.


If you’re looking for an experienced structural engineer for your project, please get in touch.


  • A Bachelor of Engineering (Civil) (1st Class Honours) University of Canterbury


  • Chartered Professional Engineer, New Zealand

  • Member of New Zealand Society for Earthquake Engineering

  • Member of New Zealand Structural Engineering Society

  • Elected Fellow of Institution of Professional Engineers

Geyser Building (Suite 207),

100 Parnell Road, Parnell

Auckland 1052