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Nuffield residences: developing an innovative structural solution for this tight site to enable the developer  to maximise their yield.


We were engaged to deliver the full structural design and review construction for this 10-storey, high-end residential apartment building close to New Zealand’s biggest retail mall in Newmarket.

This distinctive building is in a great central location. However, the tight, narrow site requires various amenities to be stacked on top of one another. The client wanted apartments on top of carparking and retail space. We developed a structural system that allowed them to do this: Clear spanning post-tensioned concrete (PT) slabs and transfer beams.

Benefits of having us on the team:
  • The PT transfer beams make carparking under this building possible by minimising the number of columns needed, while providing sufficient support to the levels above.
  • The PT slabs gave the architect a simple structure to work with and longer spans allowed planning flexibility with more open floor space. The PT concrete is inherently fire resistant so there was no need to add fireproofing, and the flat PT slab soffit made it easier to coordinate services above ceilings.
  • The PT slabs permits upper level apartments to be suspended over lower level carparks. Walls and columns are at different locations above and below the PT slabs and transfer beams to suit varying architectural layouts.
  • The PT slabs reduce the overall building height, enabling the developer to squeeze in an additional floor comprising four apartments, maximising the site yield. 


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