My role is to ensure Structure Design delivers 100% of the time for our clients. 

That means I’m continually looking for ways to be more efficient and challenging how we do things. I want our team to be disruptive in seeking solutions whether this is by working more smartly via technology or continuous improvement or looking at new and innovative methods of engineering design.

The three areas on which I’m primarily focused are:

  • Culture: this is hugely important to me because we spend so much of our lives at work that it needs to be enjoyable. My goal is to make sure we are leaders in structural engineering, getting everything we do right first time using efficient processes. This requires good teamwork, strong communication and relationships with our project partners and clients.


  • Clients: I’m our clients’ internal advocate. I have a handle on all projects we do, and it’s my role to hold the project principal to account to make sure we never lose sight of what the client wants. I liaise closely with each project team to ensure they can meet budgets and deadlines and have the necessary resources and tools to deliver.


  • Collaboration: I help to build open and honest communications both internally and with our project partners. This means our staff always have a sounding board and can get additional ideas and input into their projects from colleagues. This helps to foster innovation and for our clients it means they know we’ve looked at their project from numerous angles and have developed the best/right solution for them.

If you’re interested in working for us or talking to us about a project you have in the pipeline, please get in touch.

Geyser Building (Suite 207),

100 Parnell Road, Parnell

Auckland 1052