We were approached by Kiwi Property Group to provide structural engineering services to support the “Jet Planes” art installation designed by the artist Simon Lewis Wards. The project itself was very simple, the challenge was working through all the constrains around it. The installation needed to hang from the existing structure with no provision for connections, the services and ceilings were already installed, the mall was open for the public, so the frame had to be transported in pieces, assembled on site and installed during the night. The frame is exposed so it had to meet the architect, interior designer and artist expectations with no visible connections. 

Benefits of having us on the team:
  • We designed and built a light aluminium frame to hold the installation, which could hang from the existing structure through just four points. We worked closely with the architect, the artist and the fabricator to ensure the frame complemented the sculpture and worked in the space and also was easy to transport and assembly on site.