Structural engineer and qualified architect with over 13 years of experience in Spain and over 7 years in New Zealand. I studied architecture at University but realised my passion lays in the structural design of projects, so I decided to move to Barcelona to do my master’s degree in Structural engineering.

This background has given me an understanding of both perspectives and means I find ways of delivering structures that complement and enhance the architect’s vision. 


You can expect me to adopt a problem-solving approach to your project.


Every development brings new challenges and I enjoy working with the wider project team to identify the best solution.

Project highlights include:

In Spain I worked on the structural design of many different types of projects, ranging from office and residential buildings, sporting facilities, hotels and schools.


Probably the most challenging and interesting one was the Water Park project for the Zaragoza International Exhibition.


Some of the most significant projects I have been involved since I arrived in NZ are:


  • Seismic analysis and construction monitoring of the IBIS hotel at Auckland Airport.

  • Seismic analysis of Massey University Student Residential Buildings.

  • Seismic and wind sensibility analysis for an 18-storey building in Auckland CBD.

  • Several complex residential buildings.

  • Atrium building of the University of Auckland Engineering School.

  • Design of 33m long gangways for the Downtown Ferry redevelopment project.


  • Currently working on a 5-storey medical consultancy building in Grafton Rd, Auckland.​​

  • Master’s Degree in Structural Engineering. Polytechnic University of Barcelona, Spain

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture and Urbanism. National University of La Plata, Argentina. Degree homologated by the Ministry of Education in Spain

  • Member of Structural Engineering Society New Zealand

  • Member of the Institute of Professional Engineers New Zealand (MEngNZ)

Geyser Building (Suite 207),

100 Parnell Road, Parnell

Auckland 1052